Get videos and only pay for guaranteed views.

CPVplus is the new standard, the revolutionary pricing model that allows brands and partners, for the first time, to buy video contents as if they were media and to pay only for guaranteed views.
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The more views you plan,
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Manage your video strategy
in complete autonomy

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Vas In Bundle

Included in every Mosaicoon
campaign without any additional cost.

  • Sonar™

    The Index of the Brand Video Potential.

  • Smart Planning™


    Stress-free Media Planning on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Full Digital


    The Video License for all your digital

  • Advanced


    An in-depth report about the main results of the campaign.

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Vas Extra

Designed for clients who want to boost and customize their campaigns.

  • Sonar™ Extended

    The advanced version of Sonar™ with insights about brand industry, products, and hot tags.

  • Smart Planning™

    Youtube & Apps

    The advanced version of Smart Planning that include 4 different distribution channels.

  • In-Store &

    Event License

    An extension of the video license on Stores and during Events.

  • Dynamic


    An advanced on-the-fly campaign optimization.

  • Remarketing

    The solution that strengthens the brand message to the users who already watched the video.

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